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Self-heating Therapy Waist Fitness Belt

Body care area: waist
5 C-shaped support bars support strong, resetting the spine and reducing waist pressure
The spring strips on both sides can support the support and do not limit the bending activities.
Applicable people: lumbar disc, waist discomfort
The waist protects the design of the lumbar joint points, repairs the key strain points, and achieves the purpose of correcting and decompressing through the support, effectively relieving the lumbar force and protecting the waist.
Waist belt, also known as a belt belt, belt. A belt worn at the waist to protect the waist from injury, heat, or certain special functions during sports. In the middle of sports, the waist is often over-resistance, the muscles are high-strength and tense, and there is a sore feeling. Wearing a suitable material and size of the waist can effectively protect the waist tissue and prevent sports injuries.

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