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Muscle Inner Thigh Buttocks Device


Buttocks Trainer, Hip Body Trainer Massage, Helps to Training Stimulate Lift Shape, Firm The Butt Muscleboom for Women Fitness.

Principle of action:
✅1. Correct the pelvis, tighten the pelvic floor muscles, and continue to train the pelvic floor muscles.
✅2. The hip muscles are fully activated, the hips are accurate, and the effect is doubled.
✅3. Abdominal abdominis and thigh adductor muscles together to achieve beautiful buttocks, thin waist, stovepipe effect.

✅1. Put the hip exerciser in the middle of the thigh, and the heel and the toes are separated by 40 degrees.
✅2. Thighs and buttocks force to grip the wings
✅3. Forward hip, thigh adductor valgus, pelvic floor muscle force clip
✅4. Continue to clamp for 7 seconds, relax, this action cycle 8 times

✅Item: Buttocks Trainer
✅Color: Pink , Purple , Orange , Blue
✅Material:PVC+ high quality steel plate

Package include:
✅1 Pcs ×Hips Trainer

✅Please allow 0-2mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for understanding.
✅Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please understand, thank you.