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Fitness Resistance Bands Door Anchor

Product Selling Point:
Item: Resistance Band Door Anchor
Suitable to all kinds of resistance band
Connect your resistance band and door frame
Perfect in workmanship, resistance to pressure
Durable nylon surface will not damage or scratch surface of door or frame

Color: Black
Material: ABC
100% Brand New and High Quality

How to use it?
Step 1. Open the door. Be sure to utilize a sturdy door and one that closes towards you as you are doing the exercises, (this insure that the door is actually being pulled close as you stretch the bands)
Step 2. Go behind the door and thread the loop of the anchor through the opening on the hinge side
Step 3. Open the loop of the door anchor
Step 4. Thread your elastic(s) through the loop of the door anchor

Package Include:
1x Door Anchor