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Back Waist Support Belt

Breathable Belts Self-Heating Sports Work Steel Plate Cushion Belt Waist


  • Support decompression, light and breathable, bring health home, men and women with the same scientific waist will not hurt the waist hot moxibustion magnetic therapy, air conditioning room warm palace
  • The hotspot array structure, Tomalin, collects human body temperature, needs to contact with the skin through the promotion of water and gas, releases energy through heat induction reflection, and realizes hot compress and moxibustion.
  • Comfortable breathable summer mesh breathable net sweat let you in the hot summer elegant care of the lumbar spine farewell to sweaty Wolf


Matters needing attention:

1. This product should be used outside underwear.

2. Before fixing, check whether each part of the fixing band is firm, and be firm when fixing.

3. Washing temperature is below 30 degree C, soft, non-ironing and non-rinsing

4. Do not bake at high temperature

5. Cleaning time should not be too long, can be gently wiped with water or a little detergent (within 15 minutes of washing)

6. Keep away from light and do not expose to sunlight.

Package Content:

1 x Waist belt