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fitness foam roller muscle relaxation

As your health improves, using a deep tissue massager will become part of your daily routine, removing lactic acid from your muscle tissue.The revolutionary tool is based on a grid system of varying widths and densities. Intensity levels are in your control by repositioning the Grid. The Matrix of 3-D Distrodensity Zones allows for blood and oxygen to channel through and create elasticity in the muscle to deliver a precision massage associated with Self-Myofascial Release Therapy. Sturdy EVA foam will not break down with normal day-to-day use. Made from a sturdy PVC core, it washes away lactic acid from muscle tissue and increases blood flow and circulation.

1. High-density EVA material, good cushioning elasticity for pain relieve from lower back injury , sciatica or plantar fasciitis.
2. Hard massage points for deep massage, suitable for exercise athletes , yoga and pilates students , swimmers , physical or sports therapy patients, etc.
3. Good shock resistance, and more comfortable cushioning, protecting your body from injury in exercise.
4. Durable and effective load-bearing.
5. Rolling before and after exercise as part of a great stretching routine, great fitness equipment.

Product name: Foam Massage Roller
Product size: length 45CM
Diameter: 13 cm
Material: EVA + PVC
Product color: pink, black, purple,blue
Net weight: 900 g

Package Including:
1 x Foam Massage Roller